Course Catalogue

Individual courses and multi-course programs are presented below.

Individual Courses

Since 2003 the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine has helped lead understanding in the auricular field.
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Multi-course Programs

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The Global Methods Series in Ventura

This on-site training event offers 3 courses: international approaches used by today’s neurobiological-focused acupuncturists to advance improved clinical efficiency and outcomes.

Topics Presented by Jacqueline Adler, MD (Auriculotherapy Certification Institute), and Dave Maybee, RMT (CIAM), include:

  • Adler Mental Health Wellness Protocol (AMHWP)
  • COVID-19 support
  • Polyvagal-informed neuroanatomy
  • Therapy resistance
  • Hormones & neurendocrine peptides
  • Classification & pluripotentiality of acupoints
  • Vascular Autonomic Signal palpation
  • Selection of stimulation methods and techniques
  • Clinical integration
    ...and more!
INTRO Program

EMDR Bundle

Keep pace with advances in transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation (taVNS) and other neuroscience-auricular methods.
  • Read the microsystem of the ear for neural insights and efficient client assessment
  • Restore regulation and facilitate processing when clients are otherwise stuck or lacking sufficient dual attention for effective therapy
  • Move beyond defense mechanisms using neuro-auricular stimulations that help engagement without requiring pre-frontal cortex involvement

And more... 

    Advanced Certificate
    Program (ACP)

    A focused learning path + mentorship, with an entire series of courses valued at $2,400 when purchased individually, offered in 4 simple installments of $475 — you pay only $1,900 in total! Students of many modalities have used advanced training to improve patient outcomes — integrating Auricular Medicine for the identification and prioritization of effective treatment approaches in even the most complex patient cases. 
    PLUS Program

    Treating Trauma

    One of the most significant global health concerns can be effectively addressed through Auricular Medicine. Dr. Bahr presents methods for addressing adverse childhood events (ACEs), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other aspects of trauma to resolve the deep causes underlying many health conditions.

    Why Integrate Auricular?

    In light of its basis in neuro-auricular stimulation, measurement of autonomic (ANS) output, and acuity in the application of therapeutic frequencies, Auricular Medicine offers a comprehensive starting point for your continuing education in healthcare or wellness practice. 
    Graduates across modalities use auricular insights to prioritize treatment approaches and break through the walls presented by their most challenging cases. 

    Still Undecided?

    Ask yourself, what would you do if you had the clinical skills to...

    • Palpate the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) to understand autonomic (ANS) responses for assessment and treatment insight.

    • Identify neural connections underlying challenging conditions.

    • Apply non-invasive transcutaneous neuromodulation for holistic treatment.
    • Unlock somatic and psychological aspects held by the brain and reflected on the ear.
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    CIAM’s highly-endorsed Level 1 course features instruction and demonstrations that were presented at the prestigious Yo San University in Los Angeles. These presentations have been combined with interactive video elements, self assessments, and other resources such as eBooks and PDF Workbooks for a comprehensive learning experience unparalleled in this field.