INTRO Course | Auricular Methods in Psychology

How to Access Somatic & Emotional Experiences

Discover how to use the best tool for insight that every client already brings you, their ears!

Gain skills to access the physical and emotional body dynamically mapped by the brain of your client. Quickly understand what might really be going on with clients and identify the possible catalysts for release by learning to read active points on the ear.

Get beyond the defense mechanism with demonstrations of the application of auricular methods in the practice of psychology from client intake to treatment. The course covers topics including: 
  • Neurostimulation via ear
  • Key psychotropic areas on ear
  • The limbic brain and pain memory
  • Communication between hemispheres
  • Perspectives from somatic and other approaches
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  • Time investment: 2 hours
  • Pre-requisites: None 

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Course Resources

  • Interactive course player and videos 
  • eBooks
  • Self-assessments
  • Practical lectures and demonstrations

Clinical Approach

  • Locating key psychotropic points on ear
  • Identifying active points
  • Neurostimulation via the ear