Dr. med. Frank Bahr,
Prof. h.c. mult.

A former student and colleague of Dr. Paul Nogier, Dr. Frank Bahr is recognized for advancing the developments of Nogier to the contemporary Auricular Medicine practiced today and promoted by associations for acupuncture standards in Europe (EATCM), Austria (ÖGKA), and Switzerland (SACAM). Among his many contributions to Auricular Medicine is use of the Governor Vessel in trauma treatment. 
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Guest Instructor
Founder of the German Academy for Acupuncture (Deutsche Akademie für Akupunktur | DAA e.V., an independent cooperation school), Dr. Frank Bahr is a leading contributor to the field of Auricular Medicine with advancements from discoveries in the identification and prioritization of focus indicator points, the existence of an Energy Meridian, and the location of a time line that is recorded by the nervous system and can be used to assess, prioritize and treat trauma.

Dr. Bahr has presented and published his work internationally 
earning multiple honorary professor titles. His publications include: Laser Acupuncture and Innovative Laser Medicine (co-authored with Dr. Gerhard Litscher), The Bahr Meridian of Energy  (Der Bahr-Meridian der Energie co-authored with Christiane Wesemann) and The Great Book of Classical Acupuncture (Das große Buch der klassischen Akupunktur co-authored with Karin Bushe-Centmayer, Leopold Dorfer, Franz Jost, Gerhard Litscher, Sandi Suwanda, and Hans Zeitler).

Treating Trauma

The first and only publication to appear in English from Dr. Bahr’s German text, Psychische Verletzungen — Seelische Traumen: a CIAM eBook publication (an excerpt covering the topic of soul trauma and how to treat post-traumatic stress disorders), is available online in course by Dr. Bahr.

The New Ear Map

A definitive resource for auricular point location including anatomical and functional points that cover everything from physiological to emotional aspects of the body — as well as medicine analogue points, vitamin & mineral points, and TCM meridians as projected on the ear by the brain.

The Energy Meridian

The energy meridian (EN), discovered by Bahr, is an important addition to integrative, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. In Auricular Medicine, EN points have application in trauma treatment as well as the identification of the potential for destructive Qi and cancer.

Laser Therapy

Whether as a basis for Auricular Medicine or laser therapy, this book co-authored with Dr. Gerhard Litscher, presents the scientific fundamentals for laser acupuncture, laser stimulation therapy and innovative laser applications. It is also a reference guide for various therapeutical frequencies.

Our Passion

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Praise for Dr. Bahr and the training offered by CIAM 

BUCM gave support from the Chinese government to invite Dr. Bahr and Dr. Wirz who presented and taught in a very detailed way. I look forward to have a more close relationship with the knowledge of Dr. Bahr.”
Dr. Baixiao Zhao, Dean of the School of Acupuncture at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM)
"What immediately struck me upon attending my first training was the opportunity to directly apply methods used in Auricular Medicine to support our work as psychologists. With its basis in the nervous system, Auricular Medicine offers insights and methods for clearing physiological and emotional blockages that should be applied in today’s modern somatic psychology practice.”
Thasja Hoffmann, Psychologist
Fantastic experience! Especially [with Dr. Frank Bahr] talking in terms of the 5 element diagnostic thinking behind auricular medicine. Thanks for bringing Dr. Bahr to our continent. I specialize in neurological disorders acupuncture especially brain injury and begin each session with auricular treatments. 
George Chachis, Acupuncturist