The perfect introduction to Level 1 for specific focus on pain management 

Post-Operative Pain Management using Auricular Methods

Introduction to the CORE curriculum
with focus on pain management

Neuromodulation for pain management, opioid reduction, and improved healing outcomes

Non-invasive auricular approaches are used in substance abuse clinics and the ER, in this course you will go beyond protocol to identify specific neural disturbances that may very well transform your approach to pain management.
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What’s included?

  • Access to Ear Point Guide 
  • Intro to Level 1 (plus a $100 discount for full enrollment)
  • Live webinar instruction
  • Interactive videos, eBooks and self-assessment
  • CORE and PLUS course material

Address today’s Pain Challenges: Opioids & Healing Outcomes

Improved patient outcomes and opioid reduction are key subjects addressed by the use of neuro-auricular modulation based in Auricular Medicine.

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“Natural pain relief!”
Frank Yurasek, PhD, MS
Director of Acupuncture
John H Stroger Hospital,
Chicago, IL
“I check for blockages to healing...scars, injuries, pain memory...using [the auricular] system to direct me to the most useful intervention. Patients appreciate the accuracy and results.”
 Dee Brown, LAc, MAc, DiplAc, Dipl CH
Level I CIAM Certified
Neuro-auricular Therapist
“Emergency Medicine gives me the foundation — but this is a complete paradigm shift.”
Dr. Allen Rodgers, MD
Emergency Medicine

Post-Operative Pain Management using Auricular Methods

Join medical professionals from hospitals, pain centers, and private practice who understand the value of integrative opioid-sparing approaches to address the multi-faceted complexity of pain.