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Gain practical skills to access somatic and emotional experiences projected by the brain onto reflex zones of the ear. The ear could be the best tool every patient already brings to every session. The auricular microsystem can be used to...
  • Prime the nervous system to receive the benefits of therapy
  • Strengthen immediate client engagement and trust through relevant insight
  • Overcome specific challenges in therapy while offering clients a means of directly making their own mind-body connection. 

With the related EMDR courses opening Spring 2022, you will learn neuro-auricular modulation to support 3 key challenges in EMDR: Defense Mechanisms, Targeting, and Processing.
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...neuro-auricular modulation in psychology promises to become an obvious tool for therapists who aim to stay ahead of competitive advances in the mental health field. Rapidly growing investment is being made into transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation (taVNS) and other related neurobiological research, as pharma and tech begin to capitalize on the golden opportunity for market share in mental health.

This is the only training of its kind to teach neuro-auricular modulation to healthcare & wellness professionals, with international recognition for its highly-endorsed German Auricular Medicine program in which the training is based.