Complete Master Certificate Program

10 courses. 1 Comprehensive Learning Path.

What’s included?

  • The entire CORE curriculum, Levels 1-3
  • Personal advisor for Clinical Practicums 1-3
  • Opportunity for certification at all 3 levels
  • Hands-on learning for clinically applicable skills
  • supportive PLUS courses to launch you beyond the CORE and secure your confidence

CORE Courses

Ear Point Guide

Level 1:
Enhanced Assessment and Treatment

Level 2:
Clearing Blockages to Healing

Level 3:
Master Methods

PLUS Courses

Auricular Connections 1

Dr. Bahr Presents: The Most Important Frequencies in Auricular Medicine

Dr. Bahr Presents: How to Treat PTSD and Trauma of the Soul


Clinical Practicum 1

Clinical Practicum 2

Clinical Practicum 3

Exceptional training at exceptional savings!

10 Courses.
1 Comprehensive Learning Path.

The Complete Masters Certificate Program (CMCP)

The training opportunity.

CIAM offers this continuing education discount to healthcare professionals — to engage the best practitioners in an important field of medicine that can support treatment insight in any area of practice.