3-day Ventura bundle

Auricular Acupuncture training presented at the Clocktower Inn, 181 East Santa Clara St, Ventura, CA 93001
for 18 CEUs approved by NCCAOM & California Acupuncture Board
The Screaming Ear — based on presentations by Jacqueline Adler, MD — is one of 3 courses in the Global Methods, Applications & Perspectives series that provides international perspectives and skills that are advancing today’s auricular clinicians!

That’s only US$545

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Presented through an instructional collaboration of recognized
professional development activity (PDA) providers

Jacqueline Adler, MD | Medical Educator, ACI Board
Dr. Adler serves on the board of directors for the Auriculotherapy Certification Institute (ACI), and is clinical faculty at Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture in Santa Monica. She is a medical educator who maintains a private practice devoted to Auriculotherapy, and is passionate about bridging diverse paradigms between various views on healing.
Dave Maybee, RMT | Academic Director at CIAM
Dave Maybee is a consummate advocate for the auricular field. During his 20 years of involvement with the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine (CIAM), he has collaborated with many leading educators and practitioners in the field. He passionately parlays his experience and expertise from private Auricular Medicine practice, and insights gleaned from decades of presenting internationally on the subject.

Series benefits and discount

  • 18 CEUs (NCCAOM/California Acupuncture Board)
  • Expert instruction featuring Dr. Jacqueline Adler, MD, of the Auriculotherapy Certification Institute (ACI) board
  • Live and in person, on-site instruction
  • Hands-on guided practice sessions in new clinical skills
  • Online resources including self-assessments, course handbooks (PDFs), and post-event access to video recordings
  • eBooks, including: Visual Assessment Guide, and 5 Ways to Practice and Confirm VAS Palpation
  • Advance your skills with critical insights from the auricular world of teachings, research, and clinical practice 

Save $125 USD* (an 18% discount)

Pay only US$545/CA$730 when you attend all three courses in the Global Methods, Applications, & Perspectives series! 

Access to course recordings

For clinicians who are unable to attend a specific day, the course recordings will be made available (by May 1st) for viewing online.
*Please note that listing of prices in USD are dependent on currency exchange at time of enrollment.
Courses included

3-day Ventura bundle

Join all 3 courses on the international perspectives and skills that are advancing today’s auricular clinicians!
That’s only US$545!* for 18 course hours (18 CEUs approved by NCCAOM & California Acupuncture Board)

SAVE EVEN MORE! Eligible students pay only US$375!* See student discount qualification below. 

*USD is dependent on currency exchange at time of enrollment since CIAM pricing is in CAD

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3-day Ventura bundle

18 CEUs
(NCCAOM & California Acupuncture Board)

Attend the series and save big!
3 courses in sunny California, that will expand your auricular skills:
Course 1 (Fri)
 The Screaming Ear
Course 2 (Sat)
 Neuroanatomy, Hormones, and Healing
Course 3 (Sun)
 The Limbic System, the Soul, and Chronic Pain

That’s only US$545!*

(or only US$375 with student discount for qualified students)*
*Depending on currency exchange at time of enrollment. See contact phone/form above to request discount for qualified students