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Psychology (incl. EMDR)
Manual Therapy & Related
Holistic Dentistry

• Increased point finding precision and accuracy
• Insights that answer treatment planning questions 
• Ground breaking uses of the Governor Vessel for PTSD

Guided by the auricular microsystem, acupuncturists are increasing the efficiency and precision of their patient assessments, point finding, and prioritization of treatment approaches. Stay abreast of the skills you need to easily prioritize blockages with simple focus indicators, quickly identify points for sedation vs tonification, apply the appropriate frequencies for electro-stimulation, and much more. 
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• Get beyond the defense mechanism
• Apply adjunctive methods to improve EMDR sessions
• Use the ear for neurostimulation  

Neuroscience is rapidly advancing the field of psychology, and the shift to mind-body understanding continues to highlight the need for cognitive and somatic approaches. Is your CE keeping pace with these advances?

Gain adjunctive methods to assess neural states and hidden emotional conditions helping move clients forward even in the first session — all easily integrated into the scope your psychological practice.

• Auricular methods for Manual Therapy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Sports Medicine

Manipulation of the ear helps balance parasympathetic and sympathetic states to prime the autonomic nervous system for deep tissue release. For therapists using laser, CIAM offers endorsed LLLT training.
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Holistic Dentistry

The teeth truly reflect health. As the end points of our meridians, the location of amalgam and other toxicities, and connection to our nervous system, dental considerations are a critical component found in auricular assessments and treatments — with insights offering significant clinical value to the field of dentistry.

• Nursing

Nurse practitioners can find support through improved efficiency in healthcare approaches. For example, through the use of invaluable assessment techniques such as the palpation of autonomic nervous system response for deeper understanding of mind and body.

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